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 Made for comfort... Built for life. 

 Casual · Orthopaedics · Medical · Industrial · Motorbike 
 Synthetic Footwear · Safety · High Fashion 

 Whenever it's Fashion, Comfort or Safety 

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 Casual · Orthopaedics · Medical · Industrial · Motorbike 
 Synthetic Footwear · Safety · High Fashion 

We are soles experts

Besides soles we know about shoe production, that is why you can count on us to understand your concept.

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Technology know how

Leave it to us, we assure we will be always updated about the latest technologies and state of the art raw materials.

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Always looking ahead

You will find at Teco the latest trends on the market, and the place to make your own easy development.

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A Brief Story
Abouts Us

Experience made young, crossing the year to our 30th Anniversary we feel keener to new challenges and new experiences. Based upon a long experience, knowing the full range of materials, feeling prepared to present our clients different possibilities, having in our structure the integrated development we are sure about our service.
As we use to say, it’s enough to know us to start working with Teco.

More products and more investments will come soon, this is the way to show our most dedicated novelties, please follow our web site, everything we do, everything we think, discover or investigate is made especially for you.

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On the market since 1987

Expertise is a way of life, it is our motto since day one. We are a mature company with three decades worth of sound results.

Give us your idea

And we will develop your product. From the concept on the drawing board to the sampling and finishing phase, we take care of every step until the final product.

We are a perfect partner

For safety footwear companies we are a guaranteed premium partnership.

Compromised towards you

Because we understand that you trust us to bring value to your brand.


May we help you with certification. Because today every industry follows standards, we can guide you through the certification process.

We feel responsible

Because our soles are in your shoes, we are very confident that it will help your customers to feel confortable and secure and that will promote your brand value.